Our Kitchen

Nutrition and development is a top priority at Jojo’s Childcare.  All our meals are included in the fee’s to ensure all the kids benefit from feeding their tummy’s the best food in town.

Gilly is a trained nutritionist, she finds every way and every day to fill our meals with all the vegetables and healthy food groups you can imagine.  There is no refined flour or sugar, and the majority of our ingredients are made from scratch.

Pop in and take a look at our amazing meal plans, they’re based on seasonal produce to guarantee a fresh and nutritionally dense diet the kids really do love.

Meet our kitchen staff


Teacher and Cook
I'm a mother of four beautiful grown up children that have spread their wings and flown. In addition also two special little granddaughters. I'm an unqualified teacher of nine years, currently working in the kitchen here and fill in teacher when required. I have a very enthusiastic work ethic and love caring and nurturing for our tamariki. Please pop your head in the kitchen and introduce yourself!


Jojo's Chef
I am from a 16 acre organic lifestyle block in Waitakere Township. We have large organic gardens, orchards and animals. We have lived here for 38 years bringing up our three beautiful girls who have spread their wings and flown away. Now we enjoy our lifestyle with our grandies.
I'm a qualified Naturopath, chef and ex-psychiatric Nurse. I am passionate about quality whole food with meals all based around fresh fruit and vegetables. I believe in starting children on whole foods with no preservatives, additives and as little white flour or processed food as possible. Healthy life starts with the whole food we put in our body giving us the positive energy to exercise and play with a positive attitude.