Pipi0-1 Year

The Pipi Room (under 12 months)

The nursery has it’s own nurturing space and has plenty of room for infants at every stage, a quiet place for our wee babies, plenty of floor space for rolling and crawling, soft places to land, climbing practice. Our Teachers in our nursery are passionate about caring for infants and have a natural affinity for babies.

Our babies are cared for with the same routines as at home and we make every attempt to keep as many similarities as we can especially with regards to how your baby feeds or sleeps. Attached to the play space is the sleep room which has 12 cots so every baby has their own cot and bedding. Even though they are infants they still experience many of the activities and experiences day care has to offer such as water play, messy play and painting exploring through touch, sound and taste as they play.

The nursery environment is changed as the needs and development stages of our babies change.

Meet the Pipi Staff