Pipi & KinaUnder 2's

The Pipi Room (under 12 months)

The nursery has it’s own nurturing space and has plenty of room for infants at every stage, a quiet place for our wee babies, plenty of floor space for rolling and crawling, soft places to land, climbing practice. Our Teachers in our nursery are passionate about caring for infants and have a natural affinity for babies.

Our babies are cared for with the same routines as at home and we make every attempt to keep as many similarities as we can especially with regards to how your baby feeds or sleeps. Attached to the play space is the sleep room which has 12 cots so every baby has their own cot and bedding. Even though they are infants they still experience many of the activities and experiences day care has to offer such as water play, messy play and painting exploring through touch, sound and taste as they play.

The nursery environment is changed as the needs and development stages of our babies change.

Kina Room (12 -24 months)

Right next door has all the things the nursery offers for continuity of care but also has all the things toddlers need. Plenty of indoor outdoor flow, art, water play and space for toddlers to get busy.

The routines are still flexible in this room but more often than not the children are at the point where they have one midday sleep after lunch. The classroom has a sleep room attached to it and once again we do our best to follow sleeping routines at home. The toddler’s room has space for quiet play and reading, soft space for resting and bottles, family and role play, puzzles, blocks and much much more.

Meet the Pipi & Kina staff

    Margit – Team Leader

    Bachelor of Education ECE
    I am a fully registered Teacher. I have been working nearly 18 years in early childhood, 11 years of that with the age group 0-1 year and I am really enjoying it.
    I am originally from Germany, I can 18 years ago to New Zealand on holiday and stayed. I am a single mum and have only handsome boy he is nearly 12 and he takes most of my spare time. We live in Muriwai beach and of course we love the beach. In my little spare time I enjoy reading books, doing research, spending time at the beach and photography.


    Hi everyone, I am originally from England and am a big football supporter.  I came to New Zealand in 2009 and have been an early childhood teacher since 2014.  I am passionate about lay and love to get down on the floor with the children. Chip is actually a nickname given to me by my family!  You'll have to ask if you want to know my actual name :-)


    I have been teaching in early childhood since 2002 and am passionate about children having the freedom to learn in their own time surrounded by loving and attentive teachers.  I have 2 children of my own and they both came through Jojo's as well.   I look forward to getting to know you all.


    Bachelor of Education ECE and Bachelor of Health Science Majoring in Midwifery
    Kia ora, I have worked in early childhood since 2005.  I love working with children and families and both my jobs (I'm also a midwife) allow me to do this. I am passionate about play based and child led learning.  Working with under 2's is definitely where I feel at home and where I have the most to offer, although I have experience with all ages.   I have two children of my own who keep me busy and on my toes!  I look forward to getting to know you and your children.


    Teacher in training
    Kia ora Jojo’s whānau, my name is Sabrina and I have been an unqualified teacher at Jojo’s since 2015. I have grown up locally at Muriwai beach with my parents and six siblings. I am a firm believer of children learning with open-ended play resources. I really look forward to getting to know you and your child and working alongside you.