Our Junior preschool 2 – 3 ½ yr olds – The Pāua Room have a huge space at one end of the building. The outdoor environment has a fixed play structure, sandpit, space for water play, messy play, riding bikes whilst the inside space is large and open with areas for art, blocks, family play, reading, music and various theme spaces that change regularly depending on the focus of the current learning topic.

We like to think of this as our inbetweenies room. Young children that are no longer baby/toddlers but are not preschoolers, they are still developing their communication skills and physical capabilities and needs a programme that provides for constant change and development, stimulation and exploration.

The large double play space has bi-fold doors that enables children that still an afternoon sleep to have a quiet space whilst the children that do not can play without the constant need to be quiet or cautious which is a real bonus of the centre design. One child said they were in “the big kids room, before you go to the big big kids room”.

Knowing for these children that they have a place that is perfect for their age group and needs is very important to the teachers in that room and in line with our holistic philosophy.

Meet the Paua Team





KarinaHi my name Karina, I am the Team Leader in the Pãua Room. I have worked in Early Childhood for 11 years. I have a 3 ½ year old son who attends Jojo’s with me. I have chosen to work with children because I love watching them grow and learn.

Children are a delight to be around, watching them finally understand something or find a solution, the pride and satisfaction when they achieve something they have worked so hard to discover makes me enjoy it even more.

I love being outside and getting down and messy with the children, anything at all messy will have my name on it. I am looking forward to meeting you and your children.





Hi my name is Chonnie and I am one of the teachers here at Jojo’s in the Junior Pre-school Room. I really enjoy working with children and it is so rewarding watching them learn while being alongside them to support them. I am looking forward to studying towards my Early Childhood Teaching degree in the future.

I am a bubbly, outgoing person that loves being around lots of people. I have a daughter Astrah who is 10 and my son Lake is 5. I spend a lot of time 4WD driving up the beach with my children and my partner Laurence.






VerityVerity is a newly Qualified teacher that has just joined our growing team …. More from her soon.







Hi my name is Mandy and I have been working at Jojo’s since it opened in Sept 2012. I have really enjoyed working the Kina Room for most of that time, I ma now ready for a new challenge working in the Paua Room with the older children. It is really special being able to follow my toddlers to the next stage in their development. My daughter Isla attends Jojo’s and I am due to go on maternity leave shortly with baby number 2.





Andy is the newest member of our team at Jojo’s. He is a great float teacher throughout the Centre and at the moment is working in the Paua Room most days. More from him soon….