Fee Structure

Hours of Operation:

7am to 6pm – Monday to Friday (minimum enrolment 6 hours per day and 2 days per week)

ENROLMENT FEE :A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 to be paid on enrolment to confirm your enrolment and place on the waiting list. 

TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE are to be paid on enrolment and these are non-refundable.  Once your child starts you will then need to keep your account in advance in line with the frequency of your payments, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

DISCOUNTS: A 10% discount will be offered to families that have more than one child enrolled in the centre. Where there are 2 siblings the discount will be offered to the youngest child of the family. Where there are more than 2 siblings the 3rd siblings discount will be deducted from the child whose fees are of a lesser charge.

LATE PAYMENT OF FEES:  As our policy is that accounts are kept in advance it is not expected that there will be outstanding accounts. We will do our best to inform you if payments have been missed but if you know a payment is missed we would appreciate knowing in advance. Any accounts that become overdue may incur late payment penalties of up to 10% per week.

STATUTORY DAYS:  There is NO REDUCTION in fees for days enrolled that fall on statutory holidays.  Full payment for these days is required.

LATE PICK-UP FEE:  This is payable direct to each staff member that has stayed behind to look after your child.  This is not part of her/their paid employment.  The charge is $10.00 for every 10 minutes you are late. This is payable per staff member and payable by each family.

WINZ/CYFS:  This Centre does support families who do receive WINZ subsidies and in some cases CYPS payment.  However fees must be paid in full until the letter of confirmation from WINZ or CYPS is received.  Any credit held when subsides are paid will be paid out directly to the parent where applicable.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure all paper work is processed and received by WINZ on time.  Any delays could see the parent having to pay full fees until subsidy comes through.

SICK DAYS:   Full fees are required when your child is sick or is kept at home due to illness or any other reason.  We really appreciate that you phone the centre to let the Staff know that they will be absent and to inform them what appears to be wrong with your child.

ADDITIONAL DAYS:  Should you require additional days on a temporary or permanent basis please request these from the Manager.  The Manager will do her best to accommodate your wishes if space is available, and you will have to sign a form which she will generate.  If your child has been absent and you wish to “make up” that day, we can only offer you an additional day as above when available, as sick or absent days are charged in full.  There are no “in lieu” days given.  Extra days are charged at a flat rate, regardless of Govt. Funding.

ANNUAL LEAVE:  There is no reduction for time spent away from the centre on Annual Leave.  Payments must be paid as usual during this time. When fees are paid by cash or cheque payment in advance of holidays is appreciated.

LEAVING THE CENTRE:  When a parent wishes to withdraw their child from the centre they must inform the management in writing and give 2 weeks notice. Parents who withdraw and do not give 2 weeks notice will be charged 2 weeks in lieu and will also be charged the amount in Government Funding that the centre would normally be entitled to.

ACCOUNTS/TAX RECEIPTS:  We do not print invoices unless your account is in arrears. At the end of the financial year and end of year tax receipt is available from the Manager at your request.

UNPAID FEES – BAD DEBT POLICY:  Due to the fee requirement that fees are kept at least 1 week in advance, it is envisaged that bad debts will in the most part be avoided. 

 If an account is two weeks overdue the Manager will speak to the parent to see if an arrangement can be made in order that the account is caught up in a satisfactory manner that is achievable by the parent will be asked to remove the child from the centre.

The Account will then be handed on the Debt Collectors.  All Debt Collection costs will also be incurred by the parent.

CHANGES IN FEES:  Management does reserve the right to change the fee rates and policies and those rates and policies will apply to parents/children already enrolled or previously quoted from the date specified on the notice.  When changes are made a notice will be given in advance and a new schedule given to all parents.